About Me



I started building Spurs and Bits for family and friends years ago and it has turned into something that I really enjoy. I have sent my work to customers and friends all over the US and Canada. I currently have several PRCA Cowboys using my spurs and bits.

Special Thanks



I would like to take this opportunity to thank a couple of good friends who helped me get to where I am today with my business venture.

Ken Burton is a friend of mine from Rocksprings, Texas. Kenny helped me when I first got started by selling and showing my custom creations in his store. Thank you Kenny and Heather for all your help. Check out Kenny at www.burtonsblades.com or call him at (830)683-7994.

Gordy is a good friend of mine from Tucson, Arizona who got me started making bits and spurs.  Thanks to Gordy for sharing his wisdom, secrets, techniques and political views.  Check out Gordy at www.gabitsandspurs.com or call him at (520)744-1509.

Thanks to Ace Sloan, Chase Wiley and Camish Jennings for using and endorsing my work. I have many more pictures on my Facebook Page for more examples of my work.

Custom Work For Custom People All Over the USA And Canada

(830) 275-7179 OR [email protected]